This church planter residency has been designed in light of the Acts 29 assessment process. We asked the question, “What are the key elements, characteristics and general areas of gifting that are often evident in a church planter?” Then we worked backwards, to create a residency that would train and help potential planters/church leaders to develop in these areas. In order to do this, we have integrated theological, missional and gospel-centred content, to run alongside ‘doing life’ with the covenant members of the Cornerstone Collective Churches. 

The residency will provide the atmosphere and platform for the planter to prepare to plant and lead. It will also provide time and space to prepare his heart, marriage (if married) and family life, for planting churches that plant churches.
The workload of the church plant resident is estimated to be a minimum of 20 hours a week. The majority of the workload will consist of personal study, cohort meetings, staff training, coaching and hands-on participation in the life of a church within the Cornerstone Collective.

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