In short, God doesn’t need a collective of churches in Merseyside; in fact God doesn’t need any of us to bring about His purposes. However, God - much to our amazement - has chosen ordinary broken people to be part of His church and has chosen His church to be the instrument through whom He accomplishes the purpose of advancing His Kingdom to the ends of the earth. God has called us to make disciples as we proclaim to the world the good news of His Son, Jesus Christ, and live out that good news as a community of light in the midst of the darkness of this broken world.

As churches who are part of the Cornerstone Collective, we are convinced that one of the most effective ways of doing this is planting new gospel communities, new churches and seeing existing churches strengthened, revitalised and re- planted. Merseyside has around 1.3 million people living in it, with less than 2% currently attending evangelical churches and many areas and community hubs with very little or even no gospel influence. The churches of the Cornerstone Collective recognise that the task is big, the weight of responsibility is significant and the resources and experience within our churches are limited.

In one sense, what God has called us to do is overwhelming, if we were to step into this on our own. So, because of our shared convictions and communion, the Churches of the Collective partner together in sharing resources, sharing experiences, working together to mutually strengthen each other in the mission God has called us to and making a commitment to work together to advance the mission of God through the planting and strengthening of His local church across Merseyside, ready to reach the 1.3 million people of the region that we love.